QAECVET - Quality Assurance in ECVET Mobility


Project Final Conference

QAECVET Yeni Poster

The Project final conference was held in Güngören District Governorship’s conference hall on 09.06.2015. There were participants from VET institutions,partner institutions and various organisations.

Project Final Meeting in Turkey


The final Project meeting was realized in Istanbul, Turkey on 08.06.2015. Presentations for final conference were introduced. Final report was discussed and to do list was presented. The guideline and third booklet were introduced.

6th Project Meeting in Latvia


The sixth Project meeting was organized by Eurofortis in Riga, Latvia between 16-17 April 2015. The results of workshop II was presented and discussed and templates of workshop III were introduced. Also The presentation on Quality Assurance in ECVET Mobility

5th Project Meeting in Romania


The fifth Project meeting was organized by IASJI in Iaşi, Romania between 15-16 December 2014. The chapters of second booklet and second brochure were introduced and presentation of ECVET Principles was introduced. Also, the templates to organize workshop II were

4th Project Meeting in Italia


The forth Project meeting was organized by EGINA in Foligno, Italia between 26-27 September 2014. Project Dissemination Materials as newsletter, leaflet and dissemination plan were introduced by EGINA.

Third Project Meeting in Lithuania

Vilnius Group Photo

The third Project Meeting was organized by SPRS in Vilnius, Lithuania between 23-24 June 2014. Partners made presentations on the results of Workshop I in their partner countries. The Brochure On Vet Quality Assurance Process was presented. The interim report