QAECVET - Quality Assurance in ECVET Mobility

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QAECVET – Quality Assurance in ECVET Mobility

The ECVET Recommendation invites European Countries to apply quality assurance when using ECVET. However, when you ask ECVET promoters how they address the issue of ECVET and quality assurance, the answer is often vague. Many speak about the quality assurance of their studies rather than quality assurance of the processes implied by the ECVET technical specifications. This shows that the understanding of what aspects of ECVET need to be quality assured, and how this could be done, is not yet clear for most of those. The main aim of the Project to enlighten VET stakeholders how to apply quality assurance when using ECVET. In this context, workshops and international conference at national and international level will significantly help facilitate the promotion of ECVET in Europe. In these workshops and conference, implementation of Quality Assurance and ECVET technical specifications and tools such as a Memorandum of Understanding or a Learning Agreement which are elements to ECVET implementation and they are also key instruments for quality assurance will be discussed. During the workshops, In the third workshop, Quality Assurance in ECVET Mobility will be investigated with the participation of various VET stakeholders. Finally, a guideline for VET stakeholders on quality assurance process in ECVET mobility will be created.