QAECVET - Quality Assurance in ECVET Mobility


Workshop date: 30th April, 2015

There were 10 people participating in the workshop coming from various areas in relation to quality and VET. We had representatives from States Service for Quality, as well as participants from the private sector and VET sector both introduced and not before with ECVET.
After the introduction of ourselves and what we do, we explained the aim of the workshop and foreseen discussion on various questions. We presented the project idea, its aims and showed a website where participants can always go for more information.
After we presented the ECVET principles, and little also ECVET itself and moved to discussion of questions. Each questions was described and then explained how it was understood. For each question relevant participants gave their input from their side and the everybody else commented, added and discussed the issue. It was very fruitful though the knowledge of ECVET at that point was not the highest but understanding was raised.
After the discussion we talked about ECVET possible implementation in Latvia and how VET system is being restructurized and modernized now to be in line with ECVET more, but still many participants agreed that they would like it to be more clear and tangible than how they are now.