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School Inspectorate Of Iasi County


School Inspectorate Of Iasi County

The School Inspectorate of Iasi county- Romania directly linked with Ministry of Education is a local educational authority, public institution, which ensures counseling, coordination and controlling activities at the highest professional standards for education and vocational training institutions. Here activate 33 inspectors who coordinate and evaluate the activities carried out in approximately 300 schools (pre-school, primary and secondary level) where learn 140,000 students and teach 14,000 teachers.

The School Inspectorate of Iasi permanently improves the services offered, by:
– continuously evaluating the school inspectors’ activity,
– consulting all the actors involved in education (teachers, pupils, parents, the local community) regarding the approaches used to increase the quality of the educational services,
– communicating efficiently and systematically with the representatives of the teachers, pupils, parents and the local communities to get the relevant information that is connected to education and the school institutions,
– joining partnerships and collaborating with similar structures in Romania and abroad, with NGO’s, with representatives of the national, regional and local authorities,
– continuously comparing the results of the activity of the School Inspectorate with the ones of similar institutions across Europe,
– supporting and encouraging the staff to take part in the lifelong learning programme.

Its main objectives are:
1. to ensure the quality of the educational services offered
2. to ensure equal chances and increase of participation rate in education
3. to develop the schools’ autonomy to become decentralized
4. to train and develop teachers professionally
5. to increase the role of the educational and extra-curricular activities to shape young people’s complex personalities
6. to make the national education system compatible to the European one

To achieve these goals, the activities of the School Inspectorate of Iasi are based on the values and principles as: truth, professional competence, dignity, responsibility and integrity.

The team of inspectors is supported by competent administrative department team of accountants, auditors and lawyers who use with responsibility and professionalism both investment budgets obtained from MECI, World Bank and EU funds as PHARE (3), Socrates (2) , ESF (10), LLP (3).

The School Inspectorate of Iasi county is recognized as a center of educational development of North-Eastern Region.